need more body ink
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a tattoo shop/artist in either the Kansas City or St. Louis metropolitan areas?

Specifically, I'm looking for more linework of the textual variety, if that helps any. All kinds of advice welcome (even from the "don't do it!" crowd, if it helps getting your rocks off)...
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In St. Louis, Iron Age in the loop is the most popular - they do have some pretty good artists there. All Star on Olive does some pretty good work, too.
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I've had work done at Iron Age and have been very happy with the result. I’ve had friends get work done there who were less than thrilled with what they ended up with. In those cases they all went in and pointed at the “flash” on the wall to select their design, and didn’t bother checking out the portfolio of the artist they were working with. Spend some time with your artist before getting anything done. I have no idea if he still works there or not, but you might try asking for Harley.
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Response by poster: Hmmm, thanks!
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