Preputioplasty in San Francisco?
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Looking for urologists for what seems to be a not-very-well-known procedure, or advice on how to find them.

Background: For the last few years I (26) have had a phimosis, with scarring, which has been seriously affecting my sex life. I've tried treating it non-surgically, with stretching and steroid creams, but those don't seem to work. Both of the doctors I've talked to about this told me the only option left was circumcision. But, after doing my own research, it seems like preputioplasty would be more reasonable: it's a less serious surgery with a good chance of working; I get to keep the foreskin; and if it doesn't work, I can just get a circumcision later anyway.

Now, given that there isn't a ton of literature out there on preputioplasty, and my last two urologists didn't even know it was a thing, I'm not sure how to find a doctor who does them, or especially one with a lot of experience doing them. Google turns up nothing.

Does anyone know a good one? Should I just call up a bunch of urologist's offices around where I live (San Francisco) and ask specifically whether they have experience with this procedure?

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Have you looked into urologists specializing in reconstructive surgery? You may have better luck that way.
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This is only a hunch but try Dr. Curtis Crane or someone in that office. He kind of specializes in gender confirmation surgery (for trans folks) but he has had a lot of training in reconstructive urology and plastic surgery.
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You may want to get in touch with the folks at Intact America (a nonprofit that aims to end the de facto circumcision-without-consent that most american newborns face). They have MDs on their steering committee and various boards who may be able to direct you to a practitioner who doesn't think circumcision should be the first stop. Good luck!
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