Other city guides like Monocle, Wallpaper, or Louis Vuitton?
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Other city guides like Monocle, Wallpaper, or Louis Vuitton?

I'll be traveling to Mexico City early next year, and in the past I have loved the guides from Wallpaper, Monocle, and Louis Vuitton because they are just a little more...intriguing? curated? (whatever) than the usual Lonely Planet or Rick Steves*.

Monocle and Louis Vuitton don't offer Mexico City guides and Wallpaper's is from 2014 and I'd love something a little more current in a similar vein.

Don't worry, I'm doing a ton of research online, but I'd love an actual physical book to flip through on my commute.

Any suggestions appreciated. I live in New York, so if there are any brick-and-mortar spots I should look for these kinds of guides, I'm happy to do so.

Also happy to know of travel guidebooks that I may enjoy that don't necessarily have a Mexico City guide, just for future trips. I'm familiar with Not For Tourists, but not a huge fan of those in general.

*Nothing wrong with these. I'll be getting them also. I just love fancy curated travel guides too.
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How about the LUXE guides, at least for the 30 locations they cover? They're pamphlet-style dense booklets (or digital versions with print you can actually read), heavily curated, and yes, toward the more luxury side of the spectrum.

Unfortunately, they don't do Mexico City, but check them out for future trips.
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On the eating side of thing, eater.com of which I am generally not a huge fan has a superb guide to Mexico City online.
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I always check the DesignSponge city guides before I travel. The Mexico City one is old (2010) but might still have some cool suggestions
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