Computer Editing Interface from Blade Runner 2049
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Is anyone aware of a wireless editing tool like the one from the recent Blade Runner? It was like a tracking wheel that was held in the operator's hands... Thanks!
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Metafilter's own asavage has been known to...uh, know alot about Blade Runner. I would shoot Tested an email and see if they know, if he doesn't catch this ask himself.
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The closest thing I can think of (and it's not very close) is palette.

The device in Blade Runner 2049 was certainly pretty to look at, but it was ridiculous as a plausible control interface. A handful of rotary dials could not provide as many degrees of freedom as the memory artist would need without having stepping through an endless decision tree.
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My earlier reply was deleted for whatever reason. My point was, if you’re looking for something it was based off of, if that was the point of your question, you won’t find it because that prop was built for the movie and not based on anything, really.

I wasn’t, and am not, trying to be combative, I’m just trying to inform.
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To me, looked like a (futuristic version of a) 3D motion controller, also sometimes called a CAD mouse as most are designed to be used with computer-aided-design software.

For example...
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