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I have thousands of digital photos, and I'm very unorganized. So pictures are in various folders, in various cloud services, etc. I'm sure there are many duplicates, even on my laptop alone. Is there software available (for pc) that helps me organize my pictures, which also points out and helps me deal with duplicate images?
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Assuming you can access all of the cloud-based stuff and copy it to somewhere you can access as a drive, VisiPics will help. I've been using it myself to consolidate photos spread over a number of PCs and network storage devices. Provided you can access everything as drives/folders within Windows, it'll help you to identify duplicates and groups of almost-identical images. It'll also do thing like auto-selecting the lower resolution versions of your images, so you can easily delete any thumbnail versions your cameras or software might have created, for example.
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I use Clonespy to find duplicate files. There are many settings and options to help you identify file duplicates, even if they have different names. There is also an option to find files with the same name, even if they are different sizes. You can delete things en masse, you can have it show you each matching pair and let you decide which to delete, or you can have it move all the duplicates to a new folder.
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