Where can I find a weblog designer for Typepad?
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Where can I find someone who can design an advanced typepad template for my blog for a reasonable price?

I've been doing the 'blog' thing since 1999 using various platforms and hosts. But I've never quite mastered the vagrancies of CSS and MovableTyple MarkUp Language and now I don't have the time to. I have a moderately successful blog, in such that I have a lot of regular readers and am considered something of an expert in my subject, but I fear its design is holding it back. In fact, I've been getting lots of reports that it doesn't work well in Safari or Mozilla. I need someone who can take the design to the next level while still being usable across many platforms. I'm willing to pay for this service, but my budget is small. So I'd like to see examples of design work before making up my mind.

Does anyone have a designer with experience working with advanced typepad templates who they would like to recommend?
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Great work, mostly with word press, but I think they should be able to help you out.
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Sorry, I'm new here... working link
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With your permission, I'd be happy to post a link to this question to the ProNet mailing list. That might turn up some talented and willing folks...
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Moxie Design Studios has some TypePad sites in its portfolio.
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I think in a way you're asking the wrong question.

You need two things. A visual design, and that visual design to be implemented as your MT template.

You're assuming you need one person to do both and as a result you're looking for a specialist.

I think a graphic designer could do the first and someone else the second. As long as you get a graphic designer who understands the web, you'll be fine -- you need a specialist in MT to implement that design, yes. But you don't need a "Movable Type Blog Design And Coding" specialist.
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Highly recommended...
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Response by poster: Staggernation, I'm happy to have you post this on pronet. I have gotten a few quotes from some of the recommended sites and a few look promising, if a bit higher than I expected. But I'm willing to pay for something good.

AmbroseChapel, You're right, I need two things. But I can only afford to pay for one. That's a problem isn't it. Looks like I'm stuck with doing one or the other myself.

Thanks all for your suggestions and help
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Best answer: While technically right, AmbroseChapel is suggesting is overkill and would probably not only cost you an arma and a leg but end up a nightmare.

It is crucial that the visual designer have at least a comfortable knowledge of the templating system and CMS behind what he/she must design for.

The guy who designs Ferraris knows exactly what kind of frame, engine, suspension, brakes, transmission etc are going into the car...

There are a handful of quality designers who know how to design for MT, specifically, and blogs in general. You are *always* better off with a specialist. Good luck. :)
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