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We've decided to install an aftermarket bidet, but there are a lot of options (and price points) out there, so I turn to the wise hive mind for guidance.

We're fine with ones that only shoot cold water, but would ideally like the kind with two nozzles, or at least the ability to easily aim the nozzle. Differing strengths of spray would be nice too.

So, if you have an aftermarket bidet you love (or hate!) tell me about it, what options you got but don't need, or wish you'd gotten, etc.

Thanks in advance!
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I got this one and I love it. Has controls for water pressure and temp and seat temp, and soft-close lid, and I think two nozzles (or maybe one nozzle that can aim towards the front and back? You can't look at it while it's going so I don't know.) Does NOT have drying (aint nobody got time for that) music (unnecessary) or conversation (please no.)
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I had a cold-water one for a long time and thought I was ok with it. I was wrong. Now we have one with the works-- heated seat, heated dryer, instant warm water. We got the B200 predecessor to this one. Worth it.
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We have the TOTO model that supercres linked. It's great, but only for the butt. It has settings for washing ladies' front bits, but the aiming is terrible for that.
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We have the Brondell Swash 1000, and love it. It was one of very few that would fit on our one-piece toilet. We don't really use the dryer, and I can't tell if the deodorizer does anything or not, but the heated seat, heated water, and adjustable spray are great features.
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As with many things of this sort, Sweethome has some in depth coverage.
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We have the Tushy that does both warm and cold water. It was really easy to install, although I didn't tighten something well enough, which led to a minor plumbing issue requiring a service call. Still, as long as you're careful and make sure everything is threaded correctly, you should be fine.

It was pretty inexpensive (well under $100, I think) and we've been really happy with it!
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The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is $35 and meets your requirements. It does the job it says it does and is holding up after a year (at a friend's place).

This is infinitely better than not having one. I would maybe like a heated seat, but I use it with a soft seat so it doesn't really matter. I would have waited longer before spending $400 for a fancier one and that wouldn't have been worth it. I have had a similar model (now discontinued) for the last 7 years.
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Thirding the Brondell Swash. I got the $600 version, and the only major difference is that it has a dryer. The dryer is almost useless, and I would go with the one linked by fingersandtoes if I were doing it again.
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Toto, all the way. They also have a helpful customer service.
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We ordered the Greenco bidet from Amazon. For about $25 it meets all your requirements- it doesn’t have two nozzles but my partner and I have found the adjustment range adequate and I was able to install it in under 15 minutes.
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We have a cold-only Tushy, but it looks like our specific model isn't made anymore. It was inexpensive, installed in 10 minutes, and the company is freaking delightful in their messaging and customer service.
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