Decent hotel near the WFCU Centre in Windsor, Ontario?
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I have tickets to the Arcade Fire show in Windsor on November 1 and want to stay in Windsor rather than trying to battle the tunnel traffic back to Detroit after the concert. Any recommendations for one within walking distance?

I'm thinking that trying to get an Uber afterward might be a little difficult. Alternately, any tips for staying in Windsor and getting around would be much appreciated. Bonus points for a restaurant recommendation between the hotel and the Centre!
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The WFCU Centre is kind of out on its own at the edge of a suburb and not really close to any hotels I am aware of. Hotels are clustered downtown and near the airport.

You will need to arrange some transportation to and from the event I think. There are shuttles for the hockey games but not for concerts as far as I know.

Also be aware that you most certainly do not want to be trying to get back to Detroit through the tunnel because it will be closed. The tunnel is closed weeknights after rush hour for many months for major maintenance.

For restaurants there is a Thai place on Lauzon Rd near the WFCU called Thai Palace that is a favourite of ours. Really good. There is also Smoke & Spice, a decent BBQ joint, nearby.

Otherwise, you are in a bit of strip-mall suburbia out there. I do hope that you have a great time.
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Thank you for letting me know about the tunnel! I think we may even attempt parking at the centre if it's in a suburban location, and just drive back to the hotel.
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