Good places for a meetup in Raleigh?
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A few people from the nonprofit where I work are going to be in Raleigh next week for the All Things Open conference. When we're in a city we don't often make it to, we like to invite our lists to an informal happy hour. Can someone recommend a good place?

The criteria:

- Within walking distance of the Convention Center, but maybe not so close that it will be a zoo during the conference.
- Not too loud. We're looking for a place where 10-25 people can mingle and chat, not a place with loud music and dancing.
- Not too expensive. We're going for more of a beer vibe than a cocktail vibe.
- Big plus if there's a small room that we can reserve. At very least, a table where we can put our stickers and whatnot.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
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I organized a successful mixer event at Clouds Brewing over the summer. It's far enough from the convention center that we hadn't all been there already and it wasn't full of convention folks, but close enough to be an easy walk. It's especially close to the Holiday Inn, which was our meeting's "budget" hotel where a lot of us were staying.

We did a slightly more formal thing with pre-ordered appetizers and drink tickets, but in retrospect, especially on a Wed night, we could have just had everybody gather and order their own stuff, and it would have been fine. The beer and food were good. They have a nice space. We reserved the "inner patio" area, which is covered, which was perfect for an early June mixer. They have a couple of other inside spaces, as well.
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There are a lot of bars with large meeting spaces in the Warehouse District which is a couple blocks due west of the convention center. Places like Boxcar, Crankarm, and The Pit. They also tend to be popular and quickly booked during major events, so you should contact them ASAP to see if there are still openings.
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Best answer: I'm not sure what they charge, but Trophy Tap and Table in downtown Raleigh has a couple of reserve-able spaces for groups of 50 or less. Walking distance from the convention center, good beers on tap. The downstairs bar area doesn't get super busy on weeknights in my experience and is pretty chill.

Crank Arm on Davie St. is a fun biking-themed brewer with some outside picnic tables you can reserve if you call ahead. Weather this week from Tuesday on looks amazing, so other outdoor spots like Whiskey Kitchen's patio (201 W Martin St.) might also appeal.

For a smaller group (fewer than 10) I would suggest the bar at Brewery Bhavana, which does not have a separate room but does have the most delicious beer currently brewed in Raleigh and that's saying something.
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Parkside Grill has good beer and a back room that would work. I like the atmosphere there but the food is only okay, so if you want to eat it might not be the best idea.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot, everyone. We ended up using Trophy Tap and it worked perfectly.
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