Panicking about mysterious plasticky substance after cooking eggs
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I made some scrambled eggs with milk and skim milk "Swiss" cheese. They tasted fine, but as I went back into the kitchen to clean the frying pan, I noticed it was coated in a mysterious thin solid "plasticky" substance that crumbles to the touch. People are telling me not to worry, and I'm not worried it's going to kill me, but WHAT is it and WHERE is it from? (*I don't have much cooking experience, but I've made scrambled eggs many times before and have never seen this.)
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Looks like egg white residue to me.
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We get this quite often. It's egg whites that stuck to the pan and then dried up.
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In my experience, low- fat cheese (especially Swiss) does get "plasticky" when melted. Where while milk cheese would get crunchy and crisp if left in a hot pan, low fat cheese can get brittle and look like plastic.
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Egg white residue. You're fine.
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Thanks! Silly question, I know, but then I realized I don't usually buy low-fat cheese.
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It is definitely 100% egg white residue.
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If it makes you feel better, pretty much any kind of protein can be thought of as nutritious edible plastic.
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Also, in my house those are "paper eggs".
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