Bladder Runner 2049
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I would like to see Blade Runner 2049, but I know that I'll need to take a toilet break during the film. To avoid missing anything important, when should I make the bladder run?

I don't mind limited spoilers, it would spoil the experience more to miss something amazing due to being in the toilets!
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Best answer: There is an app for this!
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Response by poster: Thanks juliplease!
They are appealing for more pee times for Blade Runner 2049, so help them out people!
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For this movie, I recommend holding it as much as possible! But I recognize that is not always an option.

I cannot recall exactly when during the movie it is but it's near the middle if I recall; there is a scene where K goes back to his home and Joi, his virtual partner, has hired a pleasure-model Nexus to merge with so Joi and K can actually have sex. It's a really fascinating scene but it doesn't have much plot importance other than furthering K and Joi's relationship. It would be safe to pee then, you have a few minutes.
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I was going to say what sixfootaxolotl just said as well, but you will want to make sure you get back before before the scene ends completely. (But you should have plenty of time.)
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The scene mentioned by sixfootasoloto and jferg is approximately 1hour 22 minutes into the movie (not counting the trailers, just the movie itself). Sorry I don't have the exact time, I'll try to get it for you.
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I just saw this Wed and I agree with sixfootaxolotl's assessment also, that's the only scene I can think of that works. IIRC it's right after a scene in the police station where he's told he has 48hrs to sort some stuff out, which happens after the "orphanage" [/vague].
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That's the exact scene I peed at!
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There's a slightly earlier scene, where he's flying over miles of what looks like a trash dump. It's a good little action scene, but adds very little to the plot itself. There is one little plot element, [TINY SPOILER AHEAD] but it's a matter of a deus ex machina which is then explained in a way that makes sense, but if you missed the whole scene, you'd only miss the fact that Luv, Wallace's right-hand replicant, is tracking K without his knowledge.

There's a later scene where someone says "there's only one place with that kind of radioactivity" (or something). Suffice to say he flies in slowly to a different, dusty wasteland, one you've already seen in the dusty yellow bits in the trailer, and he moves in cautiously enough that he won't have found what he's looking for by the time you're back.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
Must remember to get a seat near the aisle!
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Best answer: Mea culpa, that scene is 1 hour 26 minutes in, not 1 hr 22 minutes: at the beginning of the movie, there are a few sentences (in white print on a black background) explaining what replicants are; at the bottom of that will appear the word 'Bladerunner" in red. And one hour twenty-six minutes forward from that is the scene with Joi and K. The whole movie, from start to end of the credits, is 2 hours 23 minutes, not counting whatever trailers your theater puts on there.

(Source: I'm a theater projectionist, I timed it.)
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