I will soon have free time. What do I do with it?
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This winter for the first time in a long time, I expect to have some leisure time with which to read and watch movies. It has literally been years since I've had this luxury, and I need recommendations!

Ideally a mix of hey, this is a great book on personal finance or home repairs or whatever practical topic/useful skill, or this is my favorite novel/book of poetry/history for X reason, or I loved this movie because it was hilarious, and not much is funny lately. What should I not miss? What is worth the time? Interests, if they factor in: gardening (fruits, vegetables), making cakes and chocolates/candy, hiking/kayaking/running, photography and travel. Please suggest away! Also open to suggestions on things I could learn in little bursts 2-3 times a week - I live in a rural area, so nothing requiring city resources.
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I've been doing a read-books-that-were-turned-into-movies-and-then-watch-those-movies thing this year, and it has been an excellent use of my time, imo. I know a book is going to at least be entertaining enough that someone could crank a screenplay out of it, and I enjoy watching for the differences between the movie and the source.

Some of my favorites (the actual list is longer but had some duds):

Mildred Pierce (for this one the Joan Crawford movie AND the miniseries with Kate Winslet) | The Martian | Red Dragon (watch the 1986 movie Manhunter, not the crappy one with Ed Norton) | Misery | Jaws | Gone Girl | Kramer vs Kramer | A Simple Plan

And I'm currently reading Contact and so far it's GREAT.
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OMG, you MUST watch The Great British Baking Show. There are three seasons, and although it's a competition it is so feel-good and positive and wonderful, and for a lover of baking/chocolate I just can't recommend it heartily enough. I've watched all three seasons twice now - it's just that comforting.
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I'm just now embarking on a reread of Patrick Leigh Fermor's A Time of Gifts, which is a memoir about his travel on foot in the early 1930s across Europe. It's a touch flowery, but really extremely charming.

For photography, Teju Cole's recent essay collection Known and Strange Things contains multiple interesting entries, including what I thought was a very good piece on domestic photography during catastrophe.
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My dad's favorite cake cookbook is The Cake Bible. He has made many, many delightful cakes from it over the last 25 years or so.
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I subscribed to Skillshare and I love it. They have a lot of content on a lot of different topics, and the courses I've taken (iPhone photography for Instagram, Botanical Drawing, Watercolors) have been great--they also have a Culinary section. You can start and stop the videos and come back to them, so if you only have twenty minutes here or there it's still doable--they do a month free trial and after that it's $20/month. For me it's been easier than trying to weed through tutorials of varying quality on YouTube. Now I'm looking forward to the classes I can take over our winter break!
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"When Breath Becomes Air" by Paul Kalanithi is a very quick read, but absolutely incredible.

Also, a much lengthier read but worth it for your health/bodily condition in the long run: "Becoming a Supple Leopard" by Dr. Kelly Starrett. This one is more of an encyclopedia/reference book, but it can be read in depth in sections with the guidance of the "how to use this book" section, and is good to have around if/when you ever notice a tweak, crick, or other habitual movement issue.
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I absolutely have been DEVOURING the Revolutions Podcast. AMAZING stuff, and you can listen while on walks or drives.
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