Help me get this poster
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I saw this poster in the window of a house today. I love it so so much. Can you help me find a physical copy of it? Or help me figure out how to make one of my own? I'm sure there are similar posters; I want this exact design.
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It’s by Miriam Klein Stahl. She talks about this exact poster in the interview.
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I'm getting a 404 on that link.
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Sorry. Posting on mobile. Take 2.
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You might contact the Berkeley AHA and ask if they have copies, or high-res PDFs that you could print out.
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Thank you for this information!
posted by ocherdraco at 1:09 AM on October 11, 2017

It might also be worth contacting Justseeds, they sell a different version but are great people and quite knowledgeable about the history of activisty posters.
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As an aside, placing the image into Google Images turns up the original clip art for both the heart and the fist. Maybe you could put together a facsimile?
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