How to store a glazed apple cake overnight?
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How do I store this apple cake overnight? Covered or not? Refrigerated or not? Air-tight wrapping or loose? It's got a glaze of sugar+milk+brown sugar, if that matters.

It's decorative gourd apple-picking season in New England, and we went picking today in the rain, after the Scituate Art Festival!

I made this awesome cake with nuts & apples, and glazed it. My wife also made a fresh apple pie, so we have extra cake. (I know, it's a mystery.) I want the leftover cake to be maximally nice tomorrow and for a couple more days. Once I get back from a nice, long walk to settle those apple pancakes (and home fried new potatoes), how should I wrap this thing?

Thanks for any advice!
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Best answer: With the vegetable oil and sugar, it will be fine out of the refrigerator. It would be best to cover it on a cake stand or something similar if you have it. I wouldn't wrap it tightly, though, because you'll lose some of the yummy glaze on the foil/plastic wrap.

Refriferation wouldn't be terrible though you'd want to let any slices come to room temp before eating them, for maximum flavor yumminess.
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Best answer: You know those old fashioned cake stands with lid thingy's? That. Or with a giant bowl over it. Something that seals it from the outside, but doesn't touch it.
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Refrigeration=DEATH! Just put a cover over it and keep it on the kitchen counter.
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If you leave it out on the counter over night, there are three real dangers:

1) It will dry out.
2) Do you have ants?
3) Do you have cats?

A cover will help all of these
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Best answer: (If you don't have some fancy cake storage device, but you do have a giant soup pot, you can turn that upside down, and use it as a fancy cake storage device)
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Best answer: Covered & room temperature. There's too much sugar and not enough water for rapid spoilage, and the sugar (which is hygroscopic) and the vegetable oil in the cake and icing should be enough to keep it moist as long as it's covered.
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Response by poster: OK, I hear you all telling me to cover it and not to refrigerate it. So I am probably going to go with a tent of waxed paper, since our Tupperware Cake Keepers (yes, that's the plural *buffs knuckles on shirt*) would be airtight and make it unpleasantly wet.
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Just box it up and send it to me.

Airtight overnight is probably okay. Waxpaper tent sounds good. Or just send it here I'll eat it.
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Best answer: I'm usually really strict about food safety, but I have never refrigerated any cake or pie. Cover it and leave it on the counter.

Of course, no cake or pie lasts longer than a day or so around here...
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Best answer: I wouldn't put it in the cake keeper until it's cooled, but after that, it should be fine. It's not going to add any moisture, and if it's room temperature there's no reason water would evaporate from the cake and condense on the sides of the container or anything. So I think airtight (or mostly airtight) should be fine
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Response by poster: God, I'm still so full...

Anyway, thank you all for the advice & encouragement! The remaining cake is tucked underneath the Cake Keeper's dome until breakfast time. If anyone swings by between 7:15-7:45, I will give you a slice to take in your lunch (as long as the walnuts aren't a problem) (or the half-stick of butter) (or all the sugar).
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I'll take the half stick of butter, thanks
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Response by poster: Mmmmmmm, buttter. < /Homer_Simpson>
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Response by poster: My wife served the cake to our nine-year-old for breakfast. Yesssssss.

It's really good cake, Brent.
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