How to make a newsletter as painless as possible
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I am starting up a newsletter for my organization. This will include a calendar of events plus various other short announcements. Ideally, it would (i) pull in the events from an RSS feed, (ii) allow users to submit announcements for inclusion via some kind of online form, and (iii) allow me to review and edit everything before sending. What's the best way to accomplish this? I don't mind if the initial setup is a bit labor-intensive as long as it's relatively painless after that.
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Can you clarify whether this is a printed newsletter or emailed, or other?

What sort of software do you have access to? InDesign? Constant Contact?
posted by hydra77 at 1:50 PM on October 9

Oh, sorry. This would be e-mailed. Assume I can get any software I need. I have been using MailChimp for other projects so I would prefer that over Constant Contact unless there is a compelling reason.
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