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I'm trying to remember the name of a c. 2001 CD-ROM mystery/puzzle game with alternate-reality-game elements.

You're investigating a murder on a Greek island, which unravels into some kind of occult Dan Brown-esque conspiracy. You don't move around or interact in a world or anything, it's just a series of screens. There's image- and audio-related puzzles and plenty of cheesy FMV acting. One of the them involves the big discs hanging inside the Hagia Sophia. What I remember most is that the game would occasionally direct you to mundane-looking fake websites where the developers had hidden clues, ARG style, kind of like Majestic (it's not Majestic). I think it was originally a UK game and got exported to the US under a different name.
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I thought of this game, which was published under different titles in Europe and North America: In Memoriam or Missing:Since January.
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Bingo! It looks like at least one of the game-related websites (www.xineph.com) is dead, so that Let's Play is now the only way to enjoy the full In Memoriam experience.
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