Marketing plan for research center
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Do you have any guidance or resources to suggest how to make a communication and marketing plan? This is for a center within a university that does demographic sociological, and geospatial research. We aim to get more agencies to use our research and analysis services
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Best answer: Does the university have a marketing department major? If so, this would be an excellent project for the students.
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Best answer: Is there any reason you don't want to ask the university's communications/marketing office? They should be able to help.
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Hi! This is my field.

The essentials of communication are consistent across sectors, so Google should be a good resource. There are plenty of templates. You'll need to consider your audience, goals, key messages, channels and strategies, and resources. In the research field, we look at things like inclusive language, synthesizing complex analysis into an accurate and actionable takeaway, and resisting the researcher urge to Include All The Things. There are best practices for sharing on digital if you go that route, but keep in mind that it may not be the most effective for your audience.

Do you know any research groups that do marketing well? Track what they're doing and consider getting in touch to pick their brains. Pew Research, PolicyLink and Brookings do a nice job.

Happy to talk offline and share what's worked for us.
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