FRIGIDAIRE warranty help.
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How can I get FRIGIDAIRE to honor their warranty on my washing machine?

My FRIGIDAIRE washing machine stopped working before the one year warranty was over. 3 authorized FRIGIDAIRE repair shops have tried to fix it with no luck. It's been more than 2 months without being able to wash clothes! Is there any "lemon" law for appliances? Any executives at FRIGIDAIRE to call or email my problem?
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Good luck. I had to deal with them and their "warranty" over a dryer that shredded clothing -- the only "repair" I got actually made the problem worse.

I asked a Q about it on here at the time, which you can find if you click my name and dig through my posting history. Quite fascinatingly, complaining about what bums they were on here meant they abruptly paid me more lip service after ignoring me and claiming to have not received registered mail (higher-ups there do not give a toss) and so on...

Their strategy seems to be to pretend they don't hear you until the clock runs out on the warranty. If I was doing it again I would take careful notes about the whole thing, use only registered mail, buy a real appliance (I don't think you have a lemon -- unfortunately I decided to shop locally and the one crummy store in my little town is full of Frigidaire, and EVERY bit of Frigidaire junk had problems. I have a fridge I've had to repair with a glue gun and popsicle sticks and a washer that beeps at random and... I mean, I was actually happy when the dishwasher died and I could throw it out and get something that cleaned food from plates etc), and then take them to small claims court. A lot of work but the only way I can think of to get them to take any responsibility.

Sorry for the not-so-encouraging response. On the plus side, their appalling negligence made for a pretty good tale of consumer woe, and I think everyone I have ever known for more than an hour or two knows to not buy Frigidaire. They make junk; they don't care that you are out hundreds for having bought the junk. I was really amazed at how much I tried to communicate with HQ and how ignored I was -- even if I had only had one small problem with one appliance and the rest worked like a dream, they would still be on my permanent shit list for being such a horrible, horrible company. Best of luck. Be loud and persistent (but {reasonably} polite, especially to employees without decision-making power or responsibility; when it comes to writing to higher-ups, use erudite profanity and let 'em have it)...
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Isn't this what people use Twitter accounts for?

It seems like posts like
My #FRIGIDAIRE washer broke after X months. Frigidaire seems unable to fix it, refuses to honor warranty. ENCOURAGING FRIENDS TO #AvoidFrigidaire. @ElectroluxGroup, why won't you fix this?
usually seem to get some attention from the people who can actually make things happen.
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