Where did this Facebook ad go?
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I'm trying to go back to an ad for an 8-week fitness program I just saw on Facebook this morning. I'm in NYC so I assume the ad was NYC-specific. Unfortunately, I didn't save the ad, and it's not in my Activity Log (because I didn't like, react to, or comment on it). So what I want to know is if there's either some way to go back to the ad, which I saw on the iPhone app, or if anyone can independently find the ad from my description (inside).

I don't remember the name of the company, but the ad said they were looking for 15 people to undergo an 8-week fitness program, which you'd need to attend 3 times a week. The ad said it was open to beginners, and the start date was soon (October 10?).

When you clicked through the ad, you went to a webpage with an approximately 5-minute video at the top and a lot of copy underneath. The video showed men and women working out in a gym, and the person speaking was a white man with very dark brown hair, who described how you'd be working with a personal exercise coach and they'd also put you on a diet.

If you clicked on the "APPLY" link, you saw that it would be $250 per month, and they asked a series of fairly basic questions, such as whether you'd be likely to quit the program in the middle, and whether you'd be willing to get "sweaty" and "ugly" in front of other participants.

I've tried Googling some of these details, using various combinations of quotes or no quotes, but to no avail. Probably a shot in the dark, but can anyone help me find this?
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Can you look in your browser history for recently closed tabs?
posted by rmless at 8:59 AM on October 6

I viewed the ad in the Facebook app on my iPhone, not a browser.
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I know the Facebook iPhone app has an option to view a link in Safari, but I didn't use that option. I stayed within the Facebook app, and I'm not aware of any way to see your viewing history within the app.
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If you go to the far right bottom tab in the Facebook app (the "Oreo stack"), under the Explore heading there's a tab called "Recent Ad Activity." It gives a list of all the ads you've clicked.
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If you post something like, " I need to get in shape, or time to start working out again" I bet the ad shows up again real quick. You can make the post only visible to yourself if you want, I don't think that will impact how ads get served based on it.
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The best answer worked. Thanks, charmcityblues!
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