How do you organize your ebooks so that you can browse them?
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I have many ebooks or documents I would like to treat as such. This includes, e.g., lots of comics in .cbr format. How are people these days storing their digital data in such a way that they can see what they've got and browse for interesting things. Is there cataloging software that is good for this? (I use Macs and iOS devices.) Basically I would like to recreate as closely as possible the experience of looking through a bookshelf.
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I use Calibre for some things, but I don't like that it moves my files around. I like to manage my own folders. On my phone and iPad, I use an app called Documents that handles pdfs and epubs nicely. When I am looking for something to read, I mostly use Goodreads to browse. Epubor is also worth a look.
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3nd-ing Calibre.
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Calibre's great, but I'd also strongly suggest checking out the demo version of Bookpedia. I just bought it to organize all my physical books, but I've also dragged my many many epubs into it, and it's great for that. I use free software whenever I can, but I have been beyond delighted with the very reasonably priced Bookpedia (and their other apps, should you wish to catalog your DVDs or CDs as well). (Plus: cover flow! If you care about that sort of thing.)
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