Good jobs to transition into Healthcare.....
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Im currently a field engineer in the Healthcare field. Previous to that I was a network engineer for the last 14 years. Im looking to transition into a fixed position in a hospital but im unsure of what transfers the best (Positions wise). For the past for years ive primarily worked in Cath labs supporting the equipment of my company. I dont want to go back to IT (Network admin, engineer, etc.) Ive been told I should look at Analyst positions or Apps. What would you recommend? BTW, I dont have a college degree. Thanks in advance.
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Project manager?
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Epic, Athena Health, Cerner or other EHR?
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You must have some contacts at hospitals where you've been servicing the cath labs. I'd try reaching out and asking what sort of roles might fit any might be available.
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Oooh Clinical informatics is fascinating. I moved into it (our Canadian hospital is implementing Epic's system). My background is a PhD in English, but Epic has made credentialing and teaching their system really fun and exciting and you don't have to be a clinician to learn it. And there's a LOT of opportunity!
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