shopping for art in Paris and London
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I'm hoping to buy a painting from one of these cities. Where should I look?

Looking for a biggish painting to hang over a bed. No strict criteria on content, probably abstract or landscape. Budget is in the hundreds rather than thousands. This is partly a souvenir, so if I can't find anything suitable it doesn't really matter. I have no idea where to start looking. If it matters, I'll be in London on a weekend but in Paris midweek. Thank you!
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hmmm. Biggish+Hundreds is going to be tough for a painting. You might want to think about silk screen prints or lithographs. A pair of (ie poster-size) prints hung side by side would fill the space nicely.
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Try the Bankside Gallery in London.
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Montmartre, in Paris.
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Abbott and Holder, in Museum Street, just opposite the British Museum, is a great place to browse. The staff are friendly and will let you wander freely around the shop. The stock is varied and mainly priced in hundreds rather than thousands, though oil paintings will come more expensive.
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