When should I let possible employers know that I'm going to need time off for the wedding and honeymoon?
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I'm getting married this summer. I'm also currently seeking employment. At what point should I let possible employers know that I'm going to need time off for the wedding and honeymoon? (The date is already set.)
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One option is when they say "When can you start?" you tell them "I'm ready and eager to dive right in next week. Just to let you know in advance, I'm getting married and will need to schedule some time off for our wedding and honeymoon."

Another, possibly better, option is when they start asking about the benefits and salary you're expecting, you tell them what you need, and throw in that you're going to have to take your vacation for the year for your wedding / honeymoon.
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After you've been offered the job, during negotionations. At that point, it's reasonably easy to ask for X and Y time off, especially if your start date and the wedding/honeymoon are close together.
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Let them know only after you have a firm offer in hand. It should not be a factor in whether they hire you or not. But, if for some reason your time is too important to them to let you off, you will know before accepting the position and starting work.
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When I was recently hunting for new work, I had a vacation already pre-planned. Most employers asked me during the interview if I had any upcoming vacations for them to schedule around. For the purposes of a week or two, most companies won't care. But if you're planning on taking 2 months off for your honeymoon, I can see some employers being a bit cagey about hiring in that case :)
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Depending on how vacation days are accrued at your new employer you might need to make your wedding and honeymoon an unpaid leave. The important part is to get agreement on this before you formalize your acceptance. I started a new job four months before my own wedding and honeymoon a few years ago, and I was primarily concerned with having the job waiting when I got back. Nobody ever made a peep about it, and I suspect this sort of thing is a very common request.
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I'd wait until there was a job offered to you and salary negotiated. Then just say "I'm getting married in June, so I'll need about 3 weeks off for the wedding and honeymoon." Who can say no to someone who's getting married.
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I've done it twice at the point griffey mentioned -- I had an offer and when discussing various aspects I made sure to tell employers that I already had plans for a vacation soon, and could something be done to make that happen. One job let me take it as paid leave, ahead of my vacation accumulation and we just took the days out of my vacation time six months later when I had enough. The second job didn't mind at all and let me take off for two weeks as part of taking me on for the job.
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I don't do anything that even might put off the offer until I've got the offer.
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I Nth agree: during the negotiations. I have yet to ever have an employer blink over such things - people schedule vacations and have commitments, it's just a fact of life. Scheduling around a person who isn't yet assigned to any jobs or projects is the easiest thing in the world. At my current job I came in and told them I already had something booked for the week after they wanted me to start. No problem. I was in for a week, then gone for one.

If only the trend had continued that way!
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Go on your honeymoon now, While you are not working!

It would be much more relaxed!

Then just have a couple of nights together when you do finally get married!
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