Steering wheel tough enough for crowds of kids
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I need to buy a USB steering wheel that is tough enough for an arcade machine.

This is for a kiosk I'm making, so this wheel has to withstand kids. No thirty dollar Logitech device is up to the task. Any ideas?
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Why do you need it to be USB?
posted by Jairus at 6:10 AM on January 24, 2006

Best of Luck. Most arcade stuff uses potentiometers or optical encoders. I have yet to see a USB wheel. Perhaps you could buy one of these and one of these. The Optipac would handle the conversion of the optical signals from the Wheel to USB signals, and that wheel is genuine arcade equipment. You'll definetly want to dig deeper and verify they would do what you want though.

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I'd go with a Thomas Superwheel...
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i am going to use these controlerandwheel
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