Lorenzo Il Magnifico
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Ada Palmer refers to Lorenzo de Medici as a "perfect humanist prince." What is the best single-volume biography of Lorenzo? Best single volume history of the Medicis? And best single-volume history of Medieval and/or Renaissance Florence?
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Have you asked Palmer?
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Try Judith Hook, who has a good bio on Lorenzo (and a very good book on the history of Siena), and A History of Florence 1200-1585 by John Najemy.
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I don't have a biography to recommend, but Vasari's Lives of the Artists is a great entry into the world of Renaissance Florence. It's a contemporary source and it's easy6 enough to read that my high school used it.
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Response by poster: Have you asked Palmer?

Me now
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Well, all right then, I will! Turn over a glass, I may be some time, roll a rock down, etc.

(That is, given that she has students and writes a popularizing blog and willingly became a SF&F writer; I am expecting way too much excellent recommendation, possibly some months from now.)
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