CapitalOne360 alternatives?
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Ever since ING turned in to CapitalOne360 I have been less and less pleased with it. I'm looking for a new online savings account, one that's not with my regular bank (PNC) so it's harder to get at the money. No minimum deposit or account balance.
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Best answer: I've been very happy with Ally.
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Best answer: Neither Ally nor Everbank have pissed me off yet.
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Barclays is at 1.2% now.
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Best answer: Yeah; thirding Ally. I was in a nearly identical situation (not happy with CapitalOne360 after they took over ING) and went with Ally. I've been completely happy with them.
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Best answer: Nthing Ally. Been with them since 2007. Not a single complaint, and plenty to like. It's also at 1.2%
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Best answer: The money market funds at CapitalOne360 are also at 1.20%. I just logged in to check out if there was a minimum amount for that rate or something, but holy crap has the website become awful. So... seconding Ally, I guess?
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I had a great experience at Barclays too.
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I use American Express Personal Savings for holding money and moving it around, and have no complaints. They currently pay 1.15%, no fees for standard stuff, decent web site.
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Response by poster: ok--ally it is! it was an easy sign up process and the validation with my PNC acct was instant. thanks!
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Ally also has a no-penalty CD at 1.5%.
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