Manhattan location for charity event needed...
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Need a venue in Manhattan that will seat 100 and is able to serve booze for a charity singles trivia matchmaking event. Any suggestions?

My friend is organizing a singles trivia event for charity and needs to find a location to hold it in Manhattan. They hope to serve booze, seat 100 people roughly, and hopefully it will be cheap to rent since it is for a charity event.

Also, if you have any ideas on incorporating trivia with matchmaking, please share.
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There are any number of small theaters that would be happy to accomodate you. Would you prefer something with fixed seating or something more malleable?

Theater for the New City has a number of cheap, flexible spaces. Also check out Horse Trade's spaces (particularly the Kraine), CB's 313 Gallery, maybe even the Bowery Poetry Club. Maybe Dixon Place or -- hey, Collective Unconscious, who have a great new cabaret space on Church Street. And I can think of a dozen more just in the E.Village/LES. Any particular part of Manhattan you're looking for?

In any case, I reckon you'll be looking at around a $200 rental for the evening, though the cooler venues will work with you (and might waive the fee altogether depending on the charity). Most of the spaces I've mentioned serve booze already.

As for the trivia: I used to run a pub quiz in Brooklyn, and I can give you two pieces of advice. One, make sure that the average person in your target audience can answer at least 60% of the questions. People only have fun at trivia nights if they get more than half the answers right. (In my own 30-question quiz, I tried to have the median score come in at 21.) Two, if it's a written quiz, have teams exchange their papers during the "grading" portion. There is something in exchanging papers that renders even the most besotted loudmouth sheepish and bashful. Plus, it's a good way to meet the other teams.
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Try these guys:

They do location referrals for free (the vendor pays them a commission) and can make catering and other arrangements as well.
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