New Year's Eve destination for 2 traveling gals?
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A friend and I have decided to take a long weekend trip somewhere for New Year's Eve/Day this year. We are considering destinations in one of three categories: 1) somewhere tropical, 2) California, or 3) somewhere cold. I'm trying to put together a list of possible things to do and places to stay, but for 'somewhere cold' I haven't even narrowed it down to a region of the country, much less a city. Suggestions on lodges, resorts, places to go or cities/states I should be googling?

We came up with these three broad ideas based on how different the vibes would be. If we go Caribbean, it'd be sun and cocktails and easy fun (we are looking at the Junkanoo celebration in Nassau or San Juan, PR). If we head out to California, I'm envisioning cocktail dresses and a glamorous rooftop party in LA, or something like that. It's the relaxed 'snowy lodge' idea that I'm stumped on. I'm envisioning a big lodge/resort where we could mostly sit by a fire and drink wine, but then head to an on-site restaurant/bar for some sort of fun celebration on NYE itself. Skiing is of minimal interest. The ideal lodge would be within an hour of an airport, have things to do but good relaxation potential, and would have an opportunity to be social and celebrate at night (we don't want to end up spending NYE drunk in our room lamenting our single-ness)

Other relevant details: I prefer to fly into Denver, Boise, Reno, Manchester NH, or any other city I can get to on Southwest. The trip would likely be 4 - 5 days and the budget for lodging is probably <$1500 total. We are in our 30's and love good food and wine. Where should we go see snow?

I'm also open to any other destinations or special event ideas that I haven't mentioned!
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Montreal/Quebec City or Mt St Anne/Tremblant in Quebec might be of interest, if Canada is on the table for you.
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Go somewhere cold in California by flying into Reno and going to the lake Tahoe area.
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As far as swank, snow filled resorts go, you could do a lot worse than Deer Valley in Park City, UT. It is a quick and easy drive from the Salt Lake City Airport. The resort itself is immaculate with world class service. The resort is a 5 minute cab ride from the heart of downtown Park City which is chockablock with restaurants, galleries, shops, etc. The town hosts the Sundance film festival every year so it has enough diversions to keep you interested. One word of caution is I am not sure if your housing budget will cut it at Deer Valley itself but you might be able to find condos or AirBnBs.

Another caution about Denver is the airport is about 90 minutes east of the start of the Rocky Mountains. You are conservatively looking at 2-2.5 hours before you'd reach anything that that would be remotely called a resort.
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Breckenridge! You could fly into Denver, drive or take the shuttle to Breckenridge, stay at The Lodge, and go into town when you wanted to socialize. Cecilia's has had NYE events in the past and Beaver Run Resort will likely have some NYE programming, too. There are also a ton of walkable bars in the area, IIRC, if you just want to bar hop and see where the night takes you.

On preview-mmascolino is correct about Denver, and I remember Breckenridge being closer to one and half hours from the airport, which Google Maps confirms. However, that probably depends on traffic/weather/etc. and maybe someone more familiar with the area can clarify.
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It is 104 miles from Denver International to Breckenridge. The traffic through Denver can be a bear as is the climb into mountains. For reference, the west side of Denver i.e. the foothills of the Rockies is 6000-7000 feet above sea level and the Eisenhower Tunnel is at 11,000+ feet. All of the resorts are beyond the tunnel. With good weather you are looking at 30-40 minutes of driving past the tunnels to get to Breckenridge.

With that said, Breckenridge is a great old town with lots to do even if you aren't skiing.
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New Years eve is so expensive at resorts. Like Crazy. I have looked for over the holidays at resorts in VT and found 700 bucks a night for the cheap rooms. My guess is you will have a difficult time finding something for under 500 a night.
So while ski lodge sounds awesome maybe steer away from those for budget sake and spend the extra cash on awesome food and drink.

Maybe some small walkable village in Vermont?
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If skiing is of minimal interest, seems like New England would be the way to go. Vermont, New Hampshire, maybe even Maine or Western Massachusetts?
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