How to adapt land line wired headset phone to bluetooth headset?
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I have a Motorola Bluetooth wireless headset which I really like with my cellphone. But I'd like to also use it with my land line, which has a wired headset, detachable. In searching the net, haven't found what exists, if anything, that I can plug into the land line headset slot and adapt it for Bluetooth so I can use my wireless headset with it. Any ideas?
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The Plantronics L-510 does this with its included base-station. It also allows you to pair with both the base-station and a cell-phone at the same time. (most other bluetooth headsets will only pair with one device and have to be reset to work with another)
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... including the Motorola headsets. The good reverend is correct; this will be a huge pain since you'll have to reset and re-pair the phone every time you switch between cell and land phones. Not worth it, IMO.
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Gah. "...reset and re-pair the headset every time..."
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All the BT adapters I know about work with non-Bluetooth cell phones (with 2.5mm jacks) - wired landline headset jacks are usually 3.5mm. You might try Hello Direct - they might have something up their sleeve.
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