Leggings, available in the UK, that are exactly what I want?
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I have precise leggings requirements which, believe it or not, Sainsburys extra-posh version used to take care of extremely well. They've stopped doing these beautiful, many-colour leggings now and I need a replacement source. Where do you get your thick, cotton, awesome-coloured leggings from, UK comrades?

Here is my spec:

- Thick cotton, like, not so much they're jeggings but so much that you can't see the pattern on your pants through them (not fleecy/lined just thick)
- Thick waistband elastic, none of this flimsy 1cm thick stuff, I want these bad boys to stay the heck up and do it with conviction
- More colours than black, this is all Sainsburys do now and they have broken my heart.

Please help me find the leggings of my heart.
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Very pricey, but might some of the leggings at Lulu Lemon or Sweaty Betty work for you? Gap also has some in their athletic collection that might fit your requirements, also expensive but usually have good sales online (40% off).
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Response by poster: The LuLuLemon ones look sporty, shiny, and not cotton. I'm looking for cotton leggings for everyday wear rather than sporty ones!

The Gap ones actually look pretty good, but they're only available in black and grey :(
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Ah, sorry. How about Gudrun Sjodren? Also pricey but lots of fun colours!
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Just a note to say that Gudrun Sjoden leggings are definitely not cotton and if you're hoping not to see your knickers through them, you're having a laugh. Steer well clear.
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I've really liked Uniqlo for this over the years - not sure if the latest ones are cotton though!
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Best answer: I like ASOS own brand leggings - I also have some from Uniqlo and would say those are more sheer than the ASOS ones (but are probably also older and have been washed more often). I've definitely bought navy and oxblood leggings from ASOS within the last few months as well as black and grey, not sure they have a much wider range of colours than that though.
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Do you have Motherhood Maternity or Pea in the Pod in the UK? Their maternity leggings are a cotton/ spandex blend, subtantially thick enough and i think the "secret belly" is more comfortable to wear if using hte leggings as tights (when using as pants i just fold it down like a yoga pant band).

Oh, I'm not pregnant. I just discovered these leggings when I was and they are still the best leggings ever on my back to normal size body.
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Best answer: I second ASOS-brand leggings.
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Response by poster: Future legging-seekers.

I have examined all of the above items in detail and found that ASOS seemed to be the closest-to-ideal combo of cotton, thick waistband, good quality and in bright colours. I have purchased a pair and can report that they are a bit thinner than I would like (can definitely see knicker-patterns, apologies for overshare), but are otherwise ideal.

Thank you all for your help in this quest :)
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