Cord me, please.
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Please help me find curvy-cut women's cords without a boot cut.

A while ago, Eddie Bauer sold a straight-leg women's corduroy in a curvy cut that worked super well for me. I bought all the colors and wore no other pants to teach in for two years.

I have finally worn them all to bits, and just discovered, much to my dismay, that the only cords they now sell are a slim pant or a curvy cut with boot leg, neither of which work for me.

So: where can I find medium or fine-wale cords in boring colors that are cut for a pretty small waist but still have room for fairly muscular and bulky hips/thighs? Bonus points for being available in "ankle" lengths so I don't have to get them hemmed. I am 5' 3" on a tall day and wear anywhere between an 6 and a 12 because ugh it is terrible to be a woman.
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What about these Talbots cords? They've got petites sizes and a sale going on online too.They also have straight-leg version I'm having trouble linking to right now.
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I also miss the old Eddie Bauer cords, and will be watching this thread! I've had good luck with Levi's corduroy, but it looks like they're not making cords for women at the moment.
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Try Ann Taylor, but the boot-cut thing is everywhere these days.
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Do you care about the elastic back? I wondered because you noted the slim waist.
I find Land's End clothing to be generous in general, re: the curvy fit. I am a plus lady and sometimes their straight sizes fit me.
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Last spring I got a couple pairs of Kut from the Kloth brand skinny cords at Nordstrom and they fit nicely on my big butt small waist situation. I don't know if they have any straight cut ones this season?
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LL Bean has cords for women and you can select by size. They don't categorize fit the way Landend does. Free shipping, legendary return policy, so risk level is pretty low.
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Loft has them. I bought a couple pairs last year; they've held up well and I wear them a lot. They have 'em in petite, but the regular inseam (30") works well for me as a 5'4"ish person.
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An all-cord company, just getting started, free shipping to USA Cords The website is slow but the clothes I could see look good though maybe a little pricey.
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Response by poster: Elastic is a dealbreaker, yes. And, oof, yeah, I don't really want to pay more than a hundred bucks for a pair of pants, although the ones from Cords look nice.
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