Recommendations for Podcast Discovery in 2017?
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I am always on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to but I find that Overcast, Pocket Casts and Apple Podcasts discovery engines are very limited - Are there any other recommended avenues to explore on this in 2017?

I currently subscribe to (or have listened to) most of the big ones that come up on these threads so am looking into the more obscure. I triage as they come in so that I only listen if the blurb grabs me. I listen regularly to casts on Fantasy Prem League football, Football in general, popular science, stories (TAL, Radiolab etc), Movies, Trivia (No Such Thing as a Fish etc), comedy (My Dad Wrote a Porno, Flop House) and many others
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NPR's is a fun tool.
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Check out My Favorite Murder and Sword and Scale. Both are pretty great looks at true crime. Stay sexy and don't get murdered!
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Best answer: There's a whole sub-genre of email newsletter devoted to recs - my favourite is 7 on 7, there's also The Bello Audio Collective (website/newsletter), The Audit, Sara's Podcast Newsletter, Kelly Moffit's Flyover Podcasts Newsletter (which just featured a sports podcast you might want to check out called Bush League, sounded cool), and though it's more about industry news than just recs, there's often a heads-up on great shows in issues of Hot Pod. Me and some friends have a Google docs spreadsheet for recs, too, feel free to jump in and add if you want to.
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The AV Club Podmass feature makes a point in every installment of trying to cover a handful of upstart podcasts, or ones with fewer listeners in general, and it's a pretty good entry point.
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Podcasts We Listen To is a great FB group of podcasters and listeners sharing podcast creations/finds. Super place to ask for recommendations.
posted by WalkingHorse at 7:42 AM on September 11, 2017 [1 favorite] is in beta, but it seems to be one of the most comprehensive
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I was following the links in Gin and Broadband's comment, and Bello Collective have conveniently just published a post on methods of podcast discovery, with a heap of suggestions.
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