Night light technology is unwanted
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I'd like help finding where to buy inexpensive LED night lights with manual on-off switches, like this discontinued Safety 1st night light. Now most night lights are auto-on, light-sensing, which means they tend to flicker in moderate light situations. Bonus points for an LED with warm tone light.

I bought inexpensive light-sensing night lights with a nice warm color tone, except the bulbs are incandescent, and really bright when the room is dark. Also, they tend to flicker, but not like fake candle lights, when the room is moderately light. The only places I've found the discontinued old Safety 1st lights either charge as much for shipping as the lights ( or charge more than $35 (Amazon reseller).

I'm not only interested in the Safety 1st nightlight, but we have one and we really like it, and it's honestly hard to find inexpensive "manual" night lights.

(Alternatively/also, where can I get LED night light bulbs to replace the incandescent bulbs in the new light sensing night lights I bought?)
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These are the super simple night lights I like and you can use these bulbs in them.
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Best answer: I have precisely the combo jessamyn linked (Amazon tells me I bought those bulbs in 2014). I used one of the bulbs in a custom stained-glass nightlight and my complaint there is that because it's not frosted you see the dots of light, but obviously that's not a problem in the nightlight linked.

If you search for "manual nightlight" you get a lot of options.
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I either use the simple manual night lights noted by Jessamyn with 7 watt Christmas bulbs in them (pink! purple! teal! North Pole City in OKC has them individually) or I use the manual LED night lights in a two-pack at Wal-Mart. I haven't heard about the LED replacement bulbs. Nice to know.
The only problem with the traditional bulbs is that they do get hot, which is normal. I enjoy a colorful night light in the bathrooms.
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This night light has auto on/off BUT it also has manual on and off switches. I have it in "warm white" so it's not the bright blue-ish look that I dislike.
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Are you handy with a soldering iron? I took a bunch of cheap blue-white LED consumer nightlights and replaced their LEDs with a gorgeous orange-yellow LED. The color is like a candle behind a screen. Very nice at night.
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