What headphones should replace my Skullcandy Aviators?
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I'm looking for a set of headphones that come close to the sound produced by my Skullcandy Aviators: richest in the mids and highs, particularly the highs, ample but not overdone bass.

I've owned several pair of Aviators and lost/broken them all. Other midrange headphones disappointed me, particularly the well-reviewed Sennheiser Momentum that I hated from the day I received them. Since the Aviators were discontinued, it's become harder and harder to find the model with a detachable cable--and since I go through cables pretty quickly, I figure it's time to seek a new go-to set of cans. So, thoughts? Extra points for durability.
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I have found the headphone reviews in Wire Cutter to be helpful and thorough, and they have them broken out at different price points. (On mobile so no link.)
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The Wirecutter headphone recommendations, for OmieWise.
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(I wrote up a comment recommending Sennheiser overall, but now I see you didn't like the model you tried, oops. They do have a range of models, from $25 to $1.6k...)
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Headphone snob here. I tend to like a lot of treble detail as well. I had very similar requirements to you when I got my last headphone and I ended up with the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7. Extremely detailed in the treble region without being piercing, solid bass and midrange. Removable cable that can be replaced with any standard 3.5mm cable.

Although you didn't like the Sennheiser, if you're willing to go with on-ear rather than over-ear the Sennheiser Amperior are IMO the best on-ear headphones ever made. To my ear they are perfect across the board: Solid but tight bass, glorious midrange and excellent treble detail. The velour pads make them much more comfortable than most on-ears. They have been discontinued but they're widely available on ebay, and every part is replaceable.

Another to check out is the thinksound on2, I have not heard them but others give them raves, they're quite handsome and have the detachable cable.

Finally, I would strongly suggest giving any new headphones a couple of weeks to 'burn in'. I don't believe in physical burn in, but mental burn in is absolutely a thing. Listen to the new ones exclusively for 2 weeks and give your brain time to adjust to the sound.

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions.
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richest in the mids and highs, particularly the highs, ample but not overdone bass.

My first thought are: Grados SR80. I've had them for about 12 years now, but I've had to recable them twice.
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Grados are excellent but they are open back. People near you will hear what you're listening to loud & clear. Just something to keep in mind.
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