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What company do you use to run your external marketing email lists to customers? Would you recommend them?
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I work for one. Eloqua! Though it's a lot more than just email lists. It's an "integrated solution for demand generation".

I am familiar with a number of large and small competitors in the email management space, but I couldn't really recommend one over any other. The major player for just email would probably be Exact Target.
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eROI is based here in Portland, and they're GOOD at what they do but they've been a little pissy to one of the charities that I work with, whose website they've been hosting for a long time.
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CartVille, which was built from the ground up for this kind of thing. Email lists, autoresponders, shopping carts, affiliate systems, all in one place with lots of easy-to-understand instructions.

Highly recommended.
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I also work in email marketing for a small, friendly ESP... but I'm not clear on your question. Are you looking for
- external lists to purchase (which usually comes with the sending as part of the package)
- an external provider to do the sending to your existing lists
- both of these

I can't answer any questions about list purchasing, or at least not in the positive, as we almost never advise our clients to do so. It's not worth the cost to buy addresses of people who didn't specifically ask to receive your marketing info. There are always exceptions, of course, but your marketing dollars can be better spent by building up your own list of people who truly want to hear from you.

But if you'd like more info on sending to your lists (it's the 'your external' in your Q that's confusing me) email's in my profile.
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Response by poster: Hey hsoltz,

My bad. We have a list - generated in SQL. I need an external email house to keep and maintain my list. Only sending 4-5 emails a year to 50,000 folks.

Hope that helps...
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We use CheetahMail. Although we send a lot more emails than you do.
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Vertical Response for us.
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I've used and recommend MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
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constant contact is decent too
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