Help me find this series of romance novels from my childhood
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When I was younger I read three or four books from a series of romance novels. They were very mild (nothing more than a kiss or two) and all followed the same format. A Girl in Historical Time has to choose between two men; Nice Safe Man who she likes quite a lot and Rugged Dangerous Man who sets her heart racing.

The two I remember specifically are:
-A half-Native American girl has to choose between (nice safe) boy-next-door and a (rugged dangerous) trapper who is friends with her tribe. I think at one point she's in jail and her adopted mother swaps places with her so she can escape.
-A girl has to choose between (nice safe) wealthy landowner-next-door and (rugged handsome) independence fighter during the Texan revolution.
-A third one may have taken place in a cotton mill? but I don't remember anything else about it.

I call it a series but the stories were entirely unrelated, just published under the same umbrella. I'm not even sure if they had the same author. I read them in the mid-to-late 90s but they were bought used so could be from any time before that. The titles I think were only one word. Thanks in advance!
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Are you talking about the Sunfire books? (More about them here.) I think they were a spinoff of a non-historical YA series called Wildfire. I didn't actually read them, but they were super popular among girls I knew.
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This sounds like the Sunfire line of books! I was obsessed with Jane Claypool Miner's books back in the day.

(Jinx, ArbitraryAndCapricious!)
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Yes! You are both amazing!
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Oh - I loved those when I was younger - thank you for asking about this!
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Smart Bitches Trashy Books has a whole essay on the Sunfire series.
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mondo molly has recapped some of them.
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