What book had these spooky mysteries?
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It was softcover, not hardcover, but wider/longer than most paperback books are. It had a white cover. It had three stories in it. Each story was a spooky mystery and it had all these different clues for how you could solve them, and then at the end of the story it told you what the solution was. I think one of the three stories involved....a ghost train? Another may have involved an old mansion. I think it was different from the ghost train one but I can't be sure. Also there were lots of illustrations. This would have been read in the 90s. Asking for a friend.
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Best answer: Usborne Puzzle Adventures? There are lots of titles with Ghost, Train or Castle in them. They were published individually but then republished in omnibuses of 3 stories each.
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Response by poster: So it was! This was the specific one.
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