After grieving, funny videos with chickens or goats?
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A dear friend had to euthanize her elderly pet this week, and will need plenty time to be sorrowful. When she's ready to smile though, I'd love to send her a video or two that would give a guaranteed laugh.

She absolutely loves chickens and goats and I'd love to forward a little trove of videos for her to check out if she feels the inclination. Do you have any favorites to share?
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I can't imagine anyone who's into goats hasn't seen the original fainting goats video, but still, it's here.
posted by papayaninja at 6:27 AM on September 7, 2017

Reporter scared by chicken is not a cute video, but a funny one.
posted by advicepig at 6:46 AM on September 7, 2017

Goat Chicken
posted by effluvia at 6:47 AM on September 7, 2017

Heather Champ and Derek Powazek run Milk Barn Farm; they have goats and chickens [and turkeys and puppies] and their Instagram accounts are full of videos of their menagerie's hilarious antics.
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Yodelmaster Takeo Ischi has a wonderful chicken-themed song and the video features loads of chickens!

This is still one of my favorite Vines EVER, and would be even if it didn't have a funny goat in it.


Also, not a goat or chicken, but never fails to make me laugh: llama frolics to DMX
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This is Buttermilk.
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My go-to Emergency Relief Videos are Goats Yelling Like Humans, pt1 and pt2. Like, I have watched each of these 50 times, easily, and I still become completely unhinged when the man starts arguing with the goat, even when I am deeply unhappy.
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May I present Goats Just Wanna Have Fun.
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Not goats or chickens, but seriously, Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig) is an absolute classic and puts a smile on every face!
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Where's Bea?
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The hazards of raising backyard hens
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Not a chicken, but a duck...well, a fake duck... well, an army of fake ducks that makes me laugh-cry every time I watch (listen).
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Fenton & 2 🐹 s one wheel ..ooh. none of these are goats or chickens D:
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Thank you all for sharing these hysterical videos! They are all so good. I "best answer" labelled the ones that made me scream with laughter.
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baby goat befriends horse
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Holy Night (Goat Edition) is a favorite around here. It never gets old and I laugh every time.
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