Courier / item pick up from Bratislava to Vienna
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I left behind an item at a restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia, and they have confirmed they have it there. I need it delivered to Vienna, Austria within a couple of days, and I haven't been able to get the restaurant to agree to ship it, I think partly because of difficulty communicating with them in English. Is there a courier service or anything along those lines that I could hire to pick it up and deliver it, or to pick it up and ship it (either to Vienna or to the US)? I would need to be able to communicate with them in English.
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Google translate includes Slovak. Can you run what you need to tell them through there and send an email?
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If you're going to use Google Translate, I'd probably include the fact that you do not know Slovak and are doing this all through Google Translate, and so you prefer e-mail to phone. (Otherwise you risk them calling you and wanting to talk to you in Slovak.)
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It's a one hour drive or a 90 minute train ride. Can you go yourself?
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Best answer: The sub-Reddit for Bratislava is in English. Were it me, I would just post there and ask someone to pick up and post it for me in exchange for cash.
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Response by poster: We could take the bus or train, it's about 90 minutes each way though and we'd much prefer to be able to pay someone a reasonable sum (30-50 euros?) to pick up the jacket and get it to us. In the US I'd expect to be able to use TaskRabbit or Uber, but I'm not sure what the correct equivalent services are in Slovakia / Austria.
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