Car rental/no credit card.
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Hello; Is anyone aware of a car rental place in Toronto,that will rent a car to a customer for about 1 week with no credit card and accept cash or debit? Thank you :-)
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I've rented from Dollar in the U.S without a credit card. Looks like there is a Toronto location. They did run a credit check, though, and won't rent if it comes back VERY bad. They may also put a hold on a certain amount of funds.
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In the US, some branches of Enterprise will rent to you without a credit card (and some won't.) They usually want to see a utility bill in your name, to prove where you live.
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Best answer: Have you tried Turo? It's... well, it's AirBNB but for rental cars. You can pay with a debit card, Apply Pay or Android Pay. You do have to sign up, but apparently the approval process usually happens within an hour.

I believe can also use Zipcar and Car2Go with a debit card, but their approval processes take up to a week, so if you need it now that might be a problem.

I've found that Turo, Car2Go Zipcar tend to be a little more expensive than the big rental places if you're renting for more than a day, but if the various Enterprise/Dollars/Thriftys won't do it it's a decent option.
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In general, you can rent cars at the airport without a card if you can show them that you'll be flying back out of the same airport. If you're not flying, as stated above, it's often possible to rent by presenting a utility bill in your name, although the bill must have no overdue balance. Source: I used to travel for work a lot and at one point I was renting cars a couple of times a month without a credit card. Caveats: this is in the US, and only with Enterprise and Avis/Budget. Call your local office to make sure, but it shouldn't be a problem.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.
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