Who Doesn't Want a Car Stereo In Their Computer
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I am looking for a recessed knob for a computer project. The type of knob I am looking for is like the sort used in old car radios(here or here); they can be clicked in when not in use to be flush with the surrounding area.

I have googled for one for way too long and figured it would be better (for my sanity) to ask the collective MeFi mind. The part will be for a custom RheoBus that I am hoping to make. The knobs need to be flat because my computer case case has a front door that won't close with big things sticking out. I know there are some fan controllers already in existence that are flat and digital and... I just want some simple knobs that can lock flat. Ideally, they would be bigger than the tiny bass/treble knobs on stereos but I suppose I could cannibalize an old stereo if that is the best suggestion out there.

If anybody has any idea where to find parts of this sort, please suggest! Thanks.
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Digikey will likely have something like this, although it might be easier to order a catalog and browse through it rather than going through their website. You'd have to find the matching knobs to go with the potentiometer (although digikey usually has those too).
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I think your best bet will be a salvaged pot. Check out junkyards, my local ones have bins of radios sitting in the front office.
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Best answer: You need to find somebody who can order you a few of the retractable shaft pots seen here: http://mechatronic.net/Pages/NEW-Poti.htm

(I searched for this just for the keyword challenge - I used "retractable" over "recessed", seemed to be the key.)
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Response by poster: davey, looks like you managed to find the only pot in the world that fits my description!
many thanks

helios, i searched through the catalog but couldnt find anything; a good idea though.

marky, if i can't find a Noble XVB93M1 then i shall indeed be hacking up some old junk.

everyone else, if you've got a lead on some retractable potentiometers or some other idea, i'm definitely still interested.
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tysiva writes "if i can't find a Noble XVB93M1 then i shall indeed be hacking up some old junk."

I don't know how many you need but you could try pretending your a business and asking for some of the samples they are offering. I've built a few projects this way where the minimum buy for some hard to find component was 10,000 and I only needed 1.
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