Tell me about your experiences buying tights in bulk
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I've been revitalizing my wardrobe lately, and I've realized that I look and feel much more comfortable in skirts and dresses than pants. That means I'll need some tights for my fall/winter wardrobe. I'll need at least 15-20 pairs and I don't want to spend $8-10 per pair. MeFites who have made this happen, how?

I'm looking for advice from people who have already done this and can comment on their experience and the quality of the tights they bought. I don't need help Googling.

I am looking for solid opaque tights. Not leggings, not footless tights, not hose, no patterns, no sheer.

I want to spend ideally $5 or less per pair. If this isn't possible, please let me know.

Colors: mostly black, but also autumnal/earth tones like mustard yellow, forest green, maroon, and so on.

I'm a size 8-10P, US women's.

In summary basically I want all these ModCloth ones but at half the price. Please tell me how you made it happen!
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Target! I can't find them online, but at the store they just have tons of plain, neutralish/autumnal colored tights in the $5-6 range.
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Places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls always have high quality tights at really good prices, but as with the nature of discount stores it's hit or miss and you'll have to go back several times (or visit several locations) to get a complete wardrobe.

I also always check Target's clearance whenever I'm there and can usually find something in the $5 range. Their Xhiliration line is pretty good.
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Nordstrom Rack usually has the Hue opaque tights in black (and occasionally other colors) for around $7. A bit higher than your stated range, but they are durable and good quality.
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I also was about to say that I find a lot of opaque tights at stores like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack in the $3-$7 range. I have some black, black fleece and maroon ones from there.
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My DSW usually has a ton of discounted opaque tights.
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I buy most of my tights from No Nonsense. They come in black and also fun colors.

I like them because they fit my short legs and big hips/thighs well. They're also built to last.
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Kohl's, although the prices can be very hit-or-miss. Also THIS IS THE BEST QUESTION BY THE WAY.
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I get the multipacks of black opaque tights at Costco. They're pretty bulletproof, and if you don't like the fit the return is easy. I wear them pretty much every day from October to May, and they last a couple years for me with machine washing and rack drying. They don't rip when I accidentally hit my bike pedals with my legs.
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Seconding Nordstrom Rack for Hue Tights. Also, on amazon for some colors they're $5. Hue tights are a very, very good value

Alternatively: I wear tights every single week day from Sept-April, and I generally get away with 5-7 pairs, hand washing them in a big bundle every weekend. Maybe every 6 weeks I actually put them in a machine for a full wash. I buy them at Nordstrom Rack every fall.

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You may be out of luck at Target. I can't speak for those outside the Chicago area, but Targets around me haven't had the magical display of $5 tights for two years now. :(

For inexpensive tights last year, I got a couple pairs of these off amazon. The price point is approx $6 per pair, so it's close but not quite your goal. I was very happy with the quality, fit, and color and will be getting more.
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I have so many now that I don't do this, but I own a khols credit card just for the 40% off coupons. Then I buy a ton of already on sale, cute, colored, patterned tights online. Free shipping. Like, $3 25 a pair when said and done.
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Search on eBay for "hue tights lot" -- there are a bunch of listings right now in your color range. Almost all of them work out to less than $5 a pair.
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I get West Loop brand opaque tights at Walgreen's when they are buy one get one 50% off. They're about $7-$8 a pair normally, so this puts them around $5 a pair, but you can't just order them in bulk online. Prices probably vary geographically, this is in New Orleans. I've only ever seen black and occasionally brown, no fun colors. They hold up fine, I have 10 or 12 pairs and cold wash/heat dry them after every wear so I can go 2 weeks between laundry (I wear them every day to work). The waistbands start to wear out after a year or 18 months, but I don't ever get holes or runs.
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I'm also looking - Los Angeles Target's haven't had the bulk tights in ages.
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My tights last pretty well, especially if I recognize the pounds I've added and buy them big enough. The toes get hole-y and I use nail polish to stop them from laddering. So I have several pairs of black and gray and an assortment of interesting patterns because they are irresistible, but I can get by with 6 - 7 . If you are patient, CVs or RiteAid or Walgreens will have a sale on No Nonsense for basic colors, and you can fill in snazzy colors at Marshalls/TJMaxx, Target.
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I actually have really good luck with Amazon. It requires some patience and some shifting, but I've bought a lot of tights from a lot of different companies and I have little complaints about the quality. You can get some good deals on some of the major brands (like Hue/etc.).

The only issue you may run into is with the size -- a lot of Asian-sized one-size tights don't cooperate well with those of us who are a bit larger (especially through the hips) but I think I've only really run into that a couple of times and I have bought a lot of tights.
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Yeah my (DC) target doesn't have the cheap ones either! It's so upsetting :(((( Anyway, thanks all for the advice so far!
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If you like Hue, they are routinely on sale on HerRoom or BareNecessities (sign up to get more discounts.) I keep an eye out and buy several when they are on a good sale.
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I wear black or brown tights all winter and I have like six pairs. I think I'd go crazy if I had to find drawer space for 15 pairs. I get the best quality Danskin ballet tights I can afford - my best, sturdiest pair is actually men's seamed tights. They cost more than $5 a pair, but they stand up to weekly washings, fit my long legs and big feet without running or ripping, and last for years rather than weeks.
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Leggings at Forever 21 are like $6 in Canada dollars so in America dollars they're probably like $3.50. I usually have 4 ish pairs on the go and they last me 2ish seasons. With lots of pairs in rotation they'd probably last about a year.
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Amazon. I have had good experiences with Angelina thermal tights. Price varies by color, $5-9 or so, or you can get multipacks that work out to $5-6/pair. They are opaque, warm, comfortable, and long-lasting. I handwash or machine-wash on delicate and line dry.

Amazon also carries No Nonsense Super Opaque tights, for when you don't want the thermal fleece. I have had good experiences with these too. $3-6 range depending on color and size. Again, delicate wash and line dry for longevity.

Watch the prices on both of these, because they can vary a lot. But you can certainly get into the $5 range you're looking for.
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I wear black or brown tights all winter and I have like six pairs. I think I'd go crazy if I had to find drawer space for 15 pairs.

Ha ha haaaa, y'all are seriously overestimating how often I am motivated to do laundry.
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