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I'm getting married in September and will be giving my fellow-attorney Best Friend (this in lieu of "Best Man," as she's not the latter) a wristwatch. I'd like to have it engraved with something relevant to our shared profession that's sincere, but with a touch of whimsy.

Given that we measure out our lives in billable hours, I'm thinking "hours [spent] [passed] [] with you are priceless," which Google's Latin translator renders (sans bracketed words) as "horis tecum sunt, inæstimábile." I'm a little leery; reverse-translating produces "the hours are with you, a priceless." Can this be correct? Can this statement be sensibly translated to Latin?

In any event, I'd love to hear any other suggestions. I'd considered (a) "time flies, but friends remain," which Google renders as "tempus fugit, sed amicos manere," but this doesn't really have a nexus with law; (b) "friend of the attorney," a play on "amicus curiae," which Google renders as "amicum suum"; and (c) "noscitur a sociis," which, translated literally, seems potentially appropriate, but may not express the right sentiment. Thanks in advance!
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Virum optimum is the Latin.
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What about "amicus lengthy" as a pun on "amicus brief"?
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"amicus usque ad aras"?

Which is: "Friend all the way to the altars" (pun!), meaning "Friend to the death" or "Friend to the very end" (or even "... till death do us part"?)

But still, no real connection to law except insofar as "amicus" is a term that pops up once in a while.
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Worth noting that, Google translate notwithstanding, "amicum suum" means "his/its friend" not "friend of the attorney" which would be something like "amicus advocati" (or "amicus advocatae" if the lawyer is of the female persuasion).

(I played around with this, and I think that Google is getting confused by the multiple meanings of advocatus, which can also mean friend or supporter, in the sense of "friend of the court").
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I would just leave it at res ipsa loquitor unless you could figure out a way to shoehorn mutatis mutandis into the best man/best friend concept. I always gave the junior associates a quarter if they could reasonably use mutaris mutandis in a transaction document. Heh
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