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I love curated sites like Brain Picking, Boingboing, and Kottke. Where can I find more site like these that have the best of culture, technology, and media?
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Things Magazine blog is exactly what you are looking for.
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Some examples from my RSS reader:
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I'd challenge the premise on one point: BoingBoing seems more oriented towards both self-promotion of its founders and promotion of items in the BoingBoing store now.

To answer your question more specifically, I personally feel as if the best variant of this -- curation of "best of" -- is being done via e-mail newsletters. Recomendo, Exponential View, Benedict's Newsletter, and Kevin Rose's newsletter are what I'd recommend.
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I have basically migrated from an RSS reader to some combo of newsletters and my Nuzzel feed. Nuzzel basically looks at who you follow on Twitter (and Facebook) and what those people are sharing and shows you the stories/links that the people in your network are most sharing.

I use Nuzzel so much that I have unfollowed people on and have generally curated my linked Twitter account to curate what comes up on Nuzzel (e.g., you can't follow too many people from one publication or all you'll see is writers promoting their colleagues' stories). And I have several curated Twitter lists that give me industry or field-specific Nuzzel feeds.
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Bookforum's Omnivore blog
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You might like Longform.
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I came in here to suggest Hyperallergic, but I guess now I'm seconding it.
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Arts & Letters Daily
The Browser
Open Culture

Email lists:
Digg Editions
Prufrock (n.b. leans conservative, but in an intellectual way, not a Trumpy way)
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Agreeing with WCityMike on BoingBoing I don't go there any more.


I think I have more but on my phone atm.
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Seconding the NextDraft email.
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New Shelton Wet/Dry
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Thisiscollosal -- art & design, some tech

Bored Panda -- art, design, lifestyle

iO9 if you like science and media (esp. sci-fi / fantasy)
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The Calvert Journal is excellent.

From their About page:

The Calvert Journal is an award-winning online magazine dedicated to exploring the culture and creativity of the New East: eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia.

Today, thanks to a rising generation of artistic talent, the New East is in the midst of tremendous change. This is the inspiration for The Calvert Journal, which has established itself as the leading authority on contemporary culture, creativity and travel in the region, delivering a mix of daily features, news, interviews and photography.

We aim to offer an inspiring, carefully considered take on the people, places and creative projects of the region. Our vision is to bring context and insight to a part of the world that, despite its richness, often goes underreported.

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Damn Interesting

Everlasting Blort
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Someone named Jessamyn runs a Tiny Letter newsletter.
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Digg? Not as obviously curated by named humans but pretty wide breadth of top/viral sorts of links. No discussion forum.

And... I'm with the anti - boingboing pile-on here. Super long - time reader here, and so disappointed in the direction the site has taken in recent years.
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Seconding Arts & Letters Daily
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Regularly updated, and routinely wonderful is TYWKIWDBI (= Things You Wouldn't Know if We Didn't Blog Intermittently). As far as I can tell, "We" is just one person, but it kind of doesn't matter.
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The Wirecutter used to be the best place for gadget recommendations, someone who's shopped for gadgets more recently than I might be able to confirm if that's still so...
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