Help me find people to follow on Flickr
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I have been posting pictures on Flickr for over a decade. I just like having my pictures in one place and I don't need feedback or anything like that. But I would like to follow some interesting people.

I recently went through my "follows" and discovered that most haven't updated in years. I'm getting back into photography as a hobby vs. just photography as pictures of my kids and I would like to see what people are up to.

My interests are:
Night Photography
Street Scenes

Turn offs include:
Garish HDR
Oversharpened images / Abuse of local contrast (is there a word for this?)
Anything that looks more produced than captured

Any suggestions for who to follow? Or, any suggestions on other communities I should try?

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At the risk of self-promotion, I have two profiles on Flickr: my regular one, which sees a mix of photos taken with iPhones and DSLR's; and my "showcase" account that has some scenery photos and some artsy/outdoor nudes. My regular account has quite a few landscapes in them, and I wouldn't know how to use HDR on my computer.
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This may not be useful to you, but here are the nearly 2000 MeFites who have Flickr accounts. You can poke around and see if there are names you recognize. I just added some photos today but I'm not someone who posts a lot in the topic areas you are looking for.
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(and people marked in grey are people who are your contacts)
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Do you follow Patrick Joust?
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Personally, I trawl through the Explore/Recent Photos page and then follow those photographers whose style suits my eye.

Failing that, if you are looking for specific topics, searching for groups that match your interests is probably a good start (e.g. "Night Photography"). You can sort the results by activity.
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Also here at the risk of self-promotion but my account has landscapes and night photography in spades. Not so much on the street scenes but you'll get a different added bonus of occasional creepy / skull-oriented stuff.
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Levi Wedel. Based in Calgary, Alberta. He shoots a lot of unpeopled street scenes and landscapes from semi-urban to rural. Check his albums, there are definitely some series that feature night work. No affiliation, I've just found his work consistently interesting over the years. He still posts regularly.
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