Nursing shirts: what's with all the solid colors?
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I'm looking for nursing tops that aren't just plain solid colors. Where are the bright, bold patterns? Specific products available for purchase now, please!

So I didn't think this would be so hard -- last time around I found a dark purple and white mottled tank top at Target off the rack (though admittedly that was the only one). But my google browsing, and lack of time/desire to go to a dozen stores in person, is coming up empty. I already have a bunch of solid color shirts, some of which are even nice colors, except that a shockingly large number of them look pretty bad when they mysteriously get spilled on, which is... pretty common with babies. You'd think I'm not the only one?

I'm not looking for stripes (boring) or pale delicate pink patterns (impractical and not my style). These butterflies are marginal but an improvement over the pineapples (!) that were the only pattern in the previous Motherhood maternity lineup when I did go to an actual live store.

Extra brownie points for (a) tank tops/camis with built-in shelf bras, and (b) long sleeve shirts with full chest coverage for the coming cold weather (example style).

This shirt is exactly what I am looking for but sold out.

Specific available shirts please (size S-M)!

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this top from h&m?
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Have you looked at Japanese Weekend?
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Latched Mama has their asymmetrical tank in a couple of different patterns.
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Best answer: Have you looked at ASOS? They ship free both ways to the US. Animal print. Red floral. Geometric print. Purple floral.
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Response by poster: Hmm, thanks for the suggestions, though I guess I should not be surprised they were sparse. I had run across the h&m top but was not a fan, and the current japanese weekend tops I saw didn't have much of interest. Fashion, man. Had not heard of ASOS!

I did find
one more shirt (also a maternity shirt for anyone interested) from Nordstrom that I am wearing now (in berry goo).

Still curious to see new entries for myself and others, so if you find other cool patterns...
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Best answer: You'd have to pay postage from UK and couldn't try it on, but they're so lovely I'll post anyway - Tiny Vikings are made to order in your choice of an insanely wide selection of patterns, and include nursing tops (that's just one example, I think there are a couple of different cuts of top and of dresses). Also loads of super-cute kids stuff for when the little one arrives.

They're made by a Swedish woman living in Glasgow - I have one of her skirts (which is lovely) and am saving up for a dress!

There's also a facebook group for people selling on second hand Tiny Vikings.
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(Hm, actually that fabric gallery isn't working for me, but if you click on an item of clothing you'll see all the fabric options).
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Check out Corporette Moms recs for nursing. She tends to favor more interesting types of clothing, and could lead you to a few good brands.
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