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I've been thinking lately about buying a new game to play, and I'd like some suggestions.

In the past I've enjoyed games that have an intriguing and well-developed storyline, as well as a fun mechanic and good music. I liked Undertale a lot, as well as Hatoful Boyfriend. I've enjoyed metroidvania games that have a lot of hidden areas and a big map to explore, but sometimes they can be too challenging for me to finish (like Cave Story). I tried playing Oxenfree, but I got bored with it pretty quickly because there was a lot of dialogue and less of, I guess. I'm open to playing non-platformer games, but I'd only be playing on my laptop (PC). Any suggestions?
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Valkyria Chronicles!
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I think that Night in the Woods would probably be up your alley. Oxenfree bored me pretty quickly and NitW held my attention the whole way through. Great story, good music, even a bit of platforming to find hidden areas!
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I'm only half-way through (I think), so I can't really attest to how difficult it gets, but Hollow Knight is pretty amazing.
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Metroidvanias: you could look into Steamworld Dig (fairly easy), and I haven't played it but I've heard great things about Dead Cells (maybe pretty hard! also currently in Early Access, which means maybe wait awhile).

Fun mechanic & good music: Crypt of the Necrodancer but uh.. it's hard. Preeeeetty hard. Compelling, though. Another interesting option would be Endless Legend. Great soundtrack, every faction has a different way to play -- I'd wait for the next Steam sale to pick it up with some of the DLC. I'd also say to look at Supergiant's stuff: Bastion and Transistor. All of them also have pretty good storylines, I feel.

I kind of want to suggest you get an emulator or two set up, find a controller, and play some old Super Nintendo and Playstation RPGs. These would definitely scratch the "story + music" itch; most of them would probably get a little talky, but plenty of them never bog down. (SNES: Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana. PSX: Vagrant Story, Breath of Fire IV, Legend of Mana)
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(also with emulation you could, uh, just play all those Metroids and Vanias!)
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I don't play a lot of these kinds of games, so I can't help with specifics. But, I will say definitely search the game categories on Steam and check out the highly rated games in the categories you like. I have found many a good new game that way. Usually people will give pretty detailed reviews that can be a good place to start.
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The new Prey is amazing, it's System Shock 3 in all but name.
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In the past I've enjoyed games that have an intriguing and well-developed storyline

Have you tried any TellTale games (e.g. Wolf Among Us), or perhaps something like Life Is Strange (first episode is free) or Dreamfall Chapters? If point and click adventures are an option then I can highly recommend Anna's Quest.

I liked Undertale a lot,

A bunch of reasonable suggestions here.

as well as Hatoful Boyfriend.

Definitely check out Everlasting Summer (it's free). Also worth checking out the back catalogue of Love Conquers All Games for VNs that are a bit different.
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