Clear zippered storage bags
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Can you point me retailers of various sized clear zippered storage bags? Looking for the type that American sheets and comforters are typically sold in.

I'm looking for inexpensive bags in various sizes.
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The Ikea DIMPA bags are great.
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Ziploc makes these types of bags. They're usually sold in the 'home storage/organization' section of big box retailers, like Target, or Home Depot.

Sorry, just realized they're not an actual zipper, but the usual ziploc-type closure, which actually is a bit of a pain.
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Container store.

Sweater Bags & Blanket Bags & Under Bed Storage

They also have various zipper options that aren't clear.
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Have used them many times for my business.
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Container store. If you get on their mailing list they have frequent sales. Like good sales. I'm about to save almost $300 on some shelving I need but otherwise wouldn't have bought without their current sale.
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Definitely don't bother buying the cheapo version of these bags- I bought some comforter-sized ziploc vaccuum type bags at the Dollar Store about 2 years ago, and the other day I discovered that the plastic has disintegrated into shreds while they sat untouched in a closet with normal indoor temp and humidity. Worth it to get good ones.
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I have these plastic zipper bag "storage chests" from The Container Store. The rope handles make them easy to move around, and they're structured in such a way that it's very easy to remove and add items to the bags.
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