How do I tell if my toilet cleaner is the type that damages the flapper?
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I bought a whole bunch of toilet cleaner tabs, the blue pucks you put in the tank. They were on sale for 100 pucks for $100 so I thought they'd last a couple years. But I just read online that they may damage the flapper because of the chemicals, and now I'm worried. How do I know if the cleaner I have is safe?

This is the brand I got, it's basically a no-name cheapo brand:

Perhaps if I make sure to flush every day, it won't become so concentrated that it'll damage the flapper.

Or if anyone has other ideas about what I could do with them that is toilet-safe, I'm all ears.
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Flappers are cheap and not difficult to install, so maybe not a huge issue.
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Agreed - you're likely looking at a $12 repair that may or may not happen, and is something that literally anyone tall enough to see into the toilet tank can do. There are a ton of tutorials on the web for what is a ridiculously simple job.

I'm voting for 'this is not worth your time to worry about'.
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I am the most unskilled person in the world when it comes to household stuff, and I can replace a flapper. So really, this is no big deal. You'll know it needs to be replaced if you hear a leak. Try it and see what happens.
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Yeah, I am incompetent with household stuff, and it takes me about two minutes to replace a flapper.
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Cleaner that has any kind of bleach in it will probably damage your flapper. If using the cleaner is worth more to you than having to replace your flapper in a couple years I'd say keep using them since, as others have stated it's almost comically easy to do.
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They will likely damage the flapper. It is an easy replacement.
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If you do end up replacing them, make sure you buy the chemical resistant flappers for a few extra bucks. My wife is a little overzealous with the cleaning chemicals and our original plastic flappers were corroded - I replaced them with the chem resistant ones and they've lasted years without showing any signs of chemical damage.
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I've found that flappers rot regardless of using a tank cleaner, though a bleach based cleaner may rot cheep flappers faster.
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You'll be able to tell when your "flapper" is starting to go - your toilet won't stop "trying to fill up" noise.

I've used Clorox bleach-pucks for 4 years at my last place and I'm about 7 years in this - no bleach-puck-associated issues at all, the rubber plug/float thinger looks great.
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