How do I enter a product key for Office 2016 on OSX
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I have an MSDN subscription and a valid product key. My Office365 account is tied to work and they are only licensed for 2011. I need to install 2016, I can't figure out how to do this as the only way to activate it seems to be by logging in. Googling shows old documentation.
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If your work has current Office licences for you, you need to login to under that account. Office 365 only gives you the most recent version.
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Yeah, Office365 gives you the most recent version of Office no matter what, so you shouldn't even need the MSDN copy. Unless what you really have is a volume license of some sort rather than Office365.

To answer the question, according to this (see the 'Where do I enter my product key' bit at the bottom), you need to go to, sign in with your Microsoft account (you may need to create a different one than whatever account you use for work), and then enter the product key there. Then, when you sign into Office, you'd sign in with that same Microsoft account, and it should activate.
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